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 Dexter Cove

Susan Dexter's  new venture....

Now offering baked goods and specialty foods made to order in Susan's certified kitchen. 

August's Selections:


All natural, made from scratch  using organic chick peas, in a variety of flavors!


* Roasted Red Pepper & Black Bean

*Lemon & Garlic


*Greek ( made with feta  and kalamata olives)

*Artichoke & Spinach

OR.....create your own combination!!

8oz container $6.00



Made with whole oats, lots of dark chocolate chunks, macadamia nuts and just the right touch of molasses,  these cookies are incredible, bendable and big enough to share.

Available by the dozen @ $20, half-dozen @ $10, or small bags of 3 for $5.

 HINT: You can try one (or 2) at East Wind Lobster & Grille in Buzzards Bay! Their food is fabulous, and these sumptuous cookies will make a perfect dessert!


For a taste ofHawaii....

Made like "Best Cookies Ever", but with coconut added. They'll  have you donning your grass skirt and swaying to Don Ho tunes!

Same price as Best Cookies Ever.....$20/dozen, 3 for $5.


This Mozambique sauce will transform any dish into a savory, spicy,  delight!

$8 / 5 oz. bottle



Be sure to call or text your order to Susan @ 508-525-1267 

Or email :